A Blast From The Past: The Must-Have Styles of 2016

Let’s return to being well groomed men and put the hair accessories aside

If man buns weren’t bad enough, now we even have clip-in man buns! What’s next, clip-in beards? Listen here men, take our advice and keep it natural this summer. The ladies aren’t looking to wait patiently, while you smoothly remove your man bun before entering the water. Can you imagine, ‘Oh sorry babe, I dropped my bun, have you seen it anywhere?’

What happened to the days where we would wake up, shower, comb our hair and leave looking clean. Let’s drop the accessories and take a step back in time. There’s no need to over complicate things. So let’s bring it back to basics, and style our hair like respectable gentlemen.

Here are our five styles for 2016 – buns not included.

The 50’s Infused Classic

Two words: James, Dean. Grab your leather jacket and take the comb out of your back pocket, the ladies are waiting. With height on top and a faded crop on the back and sides, this hairstyle screams suave without being too loud. Style by pulling the hair back off your face and texture with matte creme.


The Modern Crop

The modern inspired crop includes a super short fade on both the back and sides, pulled forward into a straight fringe, styled with matte creme. This style looks great with little effort. Although don’t let it get too long or you’ll venture into man bun territory – you’ve been warned.


Look The (Side) Part

Keep it simple this summer with short back and sides, saving some length on top. They say if ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. This style has remained popular through the generations – and rightly so. It’s neat and clean, guaranteeing you to look groomed all season long. Style lightly to add extra texture to the classic look.


Back To The Slick Back

Let’s go back… way back to the twenties with this slicked back mobster inspired look. We know it may not be for everyone, but when you own it … you rock it! The cut features a near skin fade with long layers on top, combed tightly with Jack The Snipper Original Pomade.

The Contemporary Quiff

The style has been gaining increasing popularity thanks to likes of David Beckham and Macklemore who have worn this cut well. Leave generous length on top with square layers. Accentuate the contrast here by asking for aggressively short back and sides. Style moderately with styling creme to boost volume up top.


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Paul Macnamara is the Head Barber at Jack The Snipper, the iconic barber shop based out of Byron Bay. The barber shop makes authentic grooming products for men. Any man can get dressed, Jack the Snipper wants men to feel dressed.

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