Human beings are sensuous beings with senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.   Of all these senses, perhaps the sense that affects people most is touch.  It is the main factor that brings people of different identities together.  It brings closeness for that matter, making the full body sensuous massage, which is a touch for pleasure, a means of comfort and acceptance for every individual.

To prepare for a full body sensuous massage is to be ready for a sensuous experience in itself.   As usual, a mixing of essential oils is highly needed for an ultimate experience, but every one can add perhaps a good full body sensuous massage therapy music or some other enhancements for an ultimate full body sensuous massage experience.

But how to begin with a full body sensuous massage?

To begin, most massage therapists typically allow the receiver to take a bath or shower.  Then, when the receiver is dry, he will be asked to get relaxed.  The receiver will be asked to lie on his or her back with bended knees and hands on the abdomen.   In this position, breathing is considered as a very favorable way of stretching without any strain.

Also, in a full body sensuous massage, a pillow for the head and a hand towel over the pillows will be provided to relax the person and to protect him or her from the massage oil.  Speaking of massage oil, it is a requirement in delivering a full body sensuous massage and that a good massage oil be used, but with care.  One main tip for using massage oil is never to apply large amount of it for it can cause your hand to slide, making the receiver uncomfortable with your touch.

Another important thing to note when using massage oil for an ultimate full body sensuous massage experience is to always test any massage oil to make sure that it has no allergic reaction.  How to test?  Just apply a small amount of the oil to a sensitive area, like the breast or the inside of the upper arm, and then wait a day to see the results.  Also note that there are people who are sensitive to plants, so before you use the oil taken from plants, make sure that you are not sensitive to it or the receiver is not allergic to it.   Simply take extra precautions and know the possibilities as well as the exemptions.

A full body sensuous massage, when performed properly, has a lot of benefits to give.  One main benefit of it is it releases stress and tension.  It even allows the receiver to attain a feeling of well-being in a loving, real way.   A full body sensuous massage can also be a great way to restore the natural energy that is present in the body.  It restores the energy simply by easing the tired muscles, uplifting the spirit and soothing the mind.

Indeed, a full body sensuous massage is an excellent way of obtaining pleasure not only in the body, but also in mind and spirit.   But more to that, a full body sensuous massage is highly beneficial for partners seeking for ways to rebuild a strong relationship.  As what most claims have noted, a full body sensuous massage can satisfy both partners by creating a two-way flow of love.  They can share intimacy, which in turn can improve their sensual arousals and of course their relationship.

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