People with poor social skills are often misunderstood as disinterested and aloof. However, not all people with Social Anxiety Disorder are boring. If you are pondering on how to be more social and approachable, here are few points to help you.

Smile more

One of the best and easiest ways to be approachable would be by wearing a smile. It wouldn’t cost you a million to smile! However, don’t overdo smiling.

Have open body language

To be approachable, you must have an open body language. Keep your face calm and composed. Don’t let your hand shiver or become stiff! Instead, talk, move and interact like it’s a normal day.

Drop distractions and focus on your conversations

This is a very important tip followed by those who expertise in socializing. Always stay focused to what the other person says. That way, both the speaker and you will be comfortable.

Make eye contact

There is nothing as powerful as direct eye contact. Try to focus on the other person’s eye for at least 60% of the time.

Be silly and stupid – in a funny way

Humor will make your conversations much more interesting. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t overdo humor. Also, you must make meaningful jokes.

Ask questions about others

Never talk only about yourself in the conversation. Instead, spring around as many topics as possible. Talk about others and random people too!

Compliment others

While talking about other people, you must be prepared to compliment. Talented socializers tend to be great at complimenting.

Be positive about things

Being positive, surpasses the benefits of a great body language. When you are positive, you will undeniably attract the people around you.

Invite people out to do things

Sometimes, a little bit of fun and outdoor activities can do wonders in your life! After all, life is all about enjoying and taking up new challenges.

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