Costa Rica is small, about the size of West Virginia. But for a country that size, it packs a rather incredible set of biological diversity, varied landscapes, and a seemingly endless selection of outdoor diversions.

Costa Rica trips are sure to be worth every cent you spend on them. From bird-watching and beach trips to rigorous rafting and rainforest hiking trips, Costa Rica trips can be anything and include everything you want in an eco tour. Just add a dash of adventure travel and you are all set for a Costa Rica trip of a lifetime.

Below are some great ideas if you are planning a Costa Rica trip at whatever time of the year. Costa Rica is one of those countries blessed with only two seasons – dry and wet. Temperatures are pleasantly warm for most of the year. And if it rains, it pours, adding mist to a misty landscape of rainforests, volcanoes, and winding rivers and streams.

Beach Fun

Bordered by both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica has a total of 1,278 km. or 767 mi. of coastline. The beaches are plenty and they are, by law, all public. So if you want to include a beach in your Costa Rica trip, you certainly have plenty to choose from.

Note, however, that you might encounter less than picture perfect beaches in your Costa Rica trip. Unlike the beaches in Mexico and the Caribbean, Costa Rica’s beaches may not always be pure white sand since they are mostly volcanic in origin. Moreover, waters tend to be rough and not crystal blue, due again to the number of active volcanoes near the coastline.

There are, however, a few remarkable beaches that you might want to check out when you go on your Costa Rica trip. Dominical in Costa Rica’s South Pacific exudes the unique flavor of a true blue beach town while the Malpais in Central Pacific is a quiet strand that can be accessed via a steep gravel road.


Costa Rica is part of the narrow isthmus that connects the Americas. As such, the country is a natural biological melting pot. Perhaps one of the biggest ironies of Costa Rica is the fact that even though it only occupies less than 0.03% of the earth’s surface it is nevertheless home to a group of bird species numbering by the hundreds (876, to be precise). That is more than the United States and Canada combined.

Bird-watching, therefore, is an excellent activity to engage in when you go on a Costa Rica trip. Just think about it. After a long day of swimming and sunning and surfing on the beach, you can wind down and just watch the rare species of birds flit about in Costa Rica’s famous rainforests.

There are plenty more things you can do in a Costa Rica trip. The possibilities are endless.

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