New address, new phone number, new job, new language, new currency, new friends, and possibly, new time zone, are only a few of the many new things that you will have to live with if you consider living in Switzerland.

The most essential things that you need to comply with before you start packing are the permits and other documents needed for your move. Some foreigners considered living in Switzerland somewhat of a complex process because of the permits. However, since all documents have to be filed from one’s home country, starting the applications early will prevent any hitches with regards to the necessary documents.

Living in Switzerland is probably one of the biggest decisions you had to make. Finding and settling in a new home can be a challenge. A lot of foreigners are surprised to discover that most rental apartments are totally unfurnished. By this we mean, installing light fixtures and even the kitchen sink. And the hard fact is, these rentals do not come cheap. But then again in Switzerland, nothing ever does.

There are a lot of employment opportunities for foreigners living in Switzerland. And one other good news is that foreign employees enjoy the same working conditions and salaries as the citizens of the country. Learning even one from among the country’s four languages is advantageous. You will find it easier to settle in the country if you can interact well with the people around you. Furthermore, knowing one local language will you a far better edge than those who do not speak any of the four at all.

If you’re used to using checks and credit cards for your purchases, living in Switzerland will encourage you to pay in cash. It doesn’t mean that the two other modes of payment are unheard of in the country, but their use is unexpectedly low. The Swiss Franc is the local Swiss currency, and exchanges can be made in several places like in airports, banks, post offices, shopping centers, and even ATM’s. However, if you wish to get a higher rate, post offices are a better option than banks.

Pharmacies and drugstores (drogerie) are actually different from one another. The most common non-prescription medicines are basically the only remedies you are going to find in the local drugstores. Pharmacies can be recognized by their green cross sign.

Living in Switzerland or someplace else away from home entails heavy planning and careful thinking. You won’t only be changing your home address and phone number, but it could mean changing you lifestyle as well. But if you welcome those changes, don’t let anything get in the way.

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