Paris has long been very famous on the subject of  structures; the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, and many other magnificent monuments and museums. But these are not the only things that made Paris known to the whole world. The Paris cheese and wine are among the products that those who come and visit Paris most likely have to have bought these to bring home.

The wine and cheese have to be in the table every meal. The cooking might be getting a little lighter in Paris restaurants, but the French are not ready to give up their cheese. Almost all of the restaurants in Paris, no matter how unassuming or haute, take pride in their odorous offerings. There are some having just a single, lovingly, selected slice, while others bring out a trolley of variety matured on the premises. These maybe labeled but mostly the cheese waiter will name and describe them. The cheese always comes after the main course and before or instead of a desert.

There are more than 300 sorts of cheese in France. Those who incorporate French cheese to the plastic wrapped packages in the supermarkets have surely never been in a real French Fromagerie. The best ones use only raw milk as the base material and the cheese is thoroughly matured; cheeses like the ones that smell and float. The cheese merchant is usually the one who does the processing of cheese. I just hope he won’t smell like cheese after all the cheeses he made. The merchants buy the chosen kind of peasants of all over France and leave the dignified “smelly” in his own cellars until it meets the standards of quality of the merchant.

Here are some of the Paris cheese shops that you should know about as they have one of the best Paris cheese.

Androuet has three shops and you will find dome special cheeses here that you will not find elsewhere.
Barthelemy is where neighborhood residents and celebrities shop. Some of the popular cheeses available here are Camembert, Brie, Fontainebleau, and many more.
Marie-Ann Cantin is a pretty little boutique which features perfectly aged selection, many of which appear on the tables of Paris’s finest restaurants. The owners are passionate about cheese, and give great care to the aging rooms located below their shop. In the cow’s milk cellar, the floor is covered with pebbles that are watered down regularly to maintain a proper humidity to be able for the cheese to age on straw.

These are just some of the Paris cheese shops which are very known that not only Parisians know but visitors as well.

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