You’ve just said ‘yes’ to the love of your life, and in that special moment, you forget all else. Until your wedding planning begins! While a marriage is for life, your wedding is just for one day, so you’ll want to record every special moment to preserve these memories. When choosing a photographer for your wedding, you’ll want to ensure the perfect fit. Follow these golden rules to lock in the wedding photographers you really want for your big day!

Plan in Advance to Expand Your Selections

Timing is everything when it comes to booking your photographer, especially if you want the popular ones because they tend to get lapped up first. Advance booking also allows you to benefit from:

·         Trial sessions with hair and makeup

·         Thorough research to identify the best photographer for your big day.

·         Earlybird discount specials that may be on offer from wedding photographers.

Early booking gives you both the opportunity to do proper research, so that you can identify wedding photographers who fit in best with your needs.

Conduct an Interview

Even though a particular photographer has a stellar reputation, he/she may not necessarily be the best fit for your needs. An interview will help you feel more at ease with your selection, so don’t be afraid to conduct them with at least three to five photographers before making a decision. Here’s what you need to ask,

·         How long have you been conducting wedding photography?

·         What’s your budget for the wedding and how many photos will you offer?

·         What kind of wedding shots are you most comfortable with?

·         Do you bring your own lighting?

·         What sample photos do you have from previous wedding photography jobs?

·         Are your shots set in stone, or do we have our own set of choices?

·         How do you plan on delivering your images?

Multiple photographer interviews allows you to compare between different offerings. The best photographers are flexible enough to fit in with your specific requirements, while retaining their distinct flavour.

Be Aware Of Your Personal Style

Your personal style will play a huge role in the kind of photographer you choose for your wedding, so take the time to consider the things that are important to you. Your personal style may include,

·         Vintage photos

·         Candid images

·         Traditional wedding photographs

·         Mix of candid and traditional pictures

Knowing your own personal style will help you identify the wedding photographer that aligns with what you want. For instance, if you’re into elegant affairs, then photographers who specialise in casual, rustic galas may be outside their element. Remember that you’ll be looking fondly at these photos for the next few decades, so make sure your personal style is reflected in your photographer choice.

Communicate Your Photography Ideas

While the photographer is the professional, don’t hesitate to communicate your own photography ideas if you have something particular in mind. Wedding photographers love to pair out-of-the-box ideas with unique twists, so if you want something different, be sure to let them know.  Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

·         Do you and your fiancé have something special (like a family dog) that you want to include as part of your wedding photographs?

·         Do you have a particular location for a few shots? For example, perhaps the place where your fiancé proposed.

·         Do you have some special shots that you ‘must have’ for your wedding day?

·         Are you looking for some whacky images that will really stand out?

Have a discussion in advance to establish the ideas you have. This is a good way to set expectations ahead of the wedding day photoshoot, and will ensure that you get the pictures you desire.

Anyone knows that wedding photography is special because you want to capture memories from this day for the rest of your life. These golden rules will help you put your best foot forward when it comes to locking in the photographer you really want for your big day.

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