No doubt dog lovers around the United States are familiar with the quirky and funny Gordon Wear collection of T-shirts inspired by dogs. Most dog lovers with a good sense of humour have one or more of these unique designs. Today is a bitter-sweet day for Gordon Wear as the company announces a new collection of dog T-shirt designs, set to be their final release. Company founder and CEO, N.G. Gordon, explains further:

“Gordon Wear T-shirts are really popular and customers love our clever designs and humorous anecdotes. However, we have decided to move in a different direction and this new T-shirt collection will be our last. Although we will miss creating new apparel designs, we have no doubt that our existing range will still be very popular.”

The new “No Dogs” collection was inspired by the N.G. Gordon’s son, as he highlighted the fact that dogs can’t read! “We humans are always trying to communicate with dogs. We say so many different things to them, hoping that they will understand what we are talking or writing about. But the fact is, they don’t and it’s all blah, blah, blah to them. All they want is our unconditional love! This is our inspiration for our “No Dogs” collection”, explained N.G. Gordon.

The “No Dogs” collection features a cute color cartoon image of a lovably dog perched up on a couch next to a NO DOGS sign with a thought bubble “First of all I can’t read”. This amusing caricature is also available on coffee mugs, protective phone cases, canvas, and poster prints. “If your dog could speak, what do you think he would say when he sees a “No Dogs” sign? Nothing, he can’t read! Duh! Hence we have this wonderful new collection and we know that it will put a big smile on many faces”, said N.G. Gordon.

To browse the “No Dogs” collection customers can visit the Gordon Wear website. These items are available to purchase online and can be delivered throughout the United States free of charge. With events like Christmas and Hanukkah approaching quickly, Gordon Wear encourages customers to act quickly to secure their “No Dogs” merchandise before stock runs out. Currently all items are offered at a low introductory price and the company is busy filling orders.

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