Introducing Vinley Market, a beautiful wine boutique that curates an exceptional collection of wine that doesn’t break the bank.

The online wine store brings simplicity to the joys of discovering wine by limiting options to a few inspired choices. Vinley Market takes the guesswork out of shopping among the thousands of wines that normally line shelves and clutter websites.



Unlike most online wine start-ups, Vinley Market focuses on excellent small producers instead of repackaging or promoting discount bulk wines. As not all wines are created equal for the price, Vinley Market offers sommelier-approved choices, much like a wine list at your favorite restaurant.



Its lack of snobbery, whimsical branding and fun and informative wine descriptions show that the store understands how to engage female Millennials, its target consumer. Founder Erin Vaughen set out to develop the site with this goal in mind, intending to use visual queues, a clean aesthetic and artists’ illustrations to challenge the antiquated, old school online wine shopping experience.

Erin Vaughen started Vinley Market after working in both the fashion and wine industries, as a way to translate her passion for wine to her female peers. Her mission was to partner with the best wine buyers and somms in order to craft a marketplace that didn’t rely on cheap, low-quality wine for margins or on critics to convey quality.

Vinley Market features a palate profile quiz and a pairing guide. Guest to the site can buy individual bottles or choose to join one of their four wine clubs, including Rosé & Bubbles ClubAdventurer’s ClubRed Wine Club, and Chardonnay Club.

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