Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is one of the most important aspects of your home skincare routine for face and body. Exfoliation not only helps many skin problems, it also increases blood circulation, which in turn helps you to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Exfoliating increases cell turnover to reveal newer, healthier skin cells. Plus it reduces blackheads, minimizes hyperpigmentation and fine lines, and provides an all-over healthy glow. It also helps with hydration. Cells transitioning from below the skin’s surface to the topmost layer bring with them essential lipids and moisture. It is imperative to assist the cells in their rejuvenation cycle to maximize the best condition your skin can possibly be.


You can always save some cash and find ways to exfoliate simply with an old washcloth or loofah.  Mix up an easy homemade recipe (like the one below) for an effective facial exfoliation alternative. There are tons of recipes online for DIY scrubs (check out The Savvy Beauty DIY Scrubs HERE). It is recommended to exfoliate twice per week to ensure proper cell regeneration, but avoid over-exfoliating, creating a red, irritated situation. Remember that the skin on your face is very sensitive and requires little abrasive to get the job done.


Lavender Vanilla Relaxing Facial Scrub Recipe

1 cup white or brown sugar – organic preferably

½ cup almond oil (olive or coconut oil work well too)

½ tsp. vitamin E oil

½ tsp. real vanilla extract

15 drops lavender essential oil (or any oil of your preference)


Step.1: Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Combine well

Step.2: Store in an air tight jar.

Step 3: Use 1 tablespoon as needed in the shower. Scrub skin with the mixture and rinse well. Enjoy!


Exfoliating should be part of your regular skin care routine for many reasons, but mainly to ensure healthy, hydrated skin. Drinking water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are also important for overall skin health. For more beauty tips & tricks visit The Savvy Beauty!

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