As humans, we often find it difficult to let go. Be it a loved one who passed, unrequited love or an age-old grudge, we tend to hold on to things for much longer than we should while trying to control the outcomes to our liking.

To begin with, you must realize that most life variables are already out of your hands and you can only control a few things in life. Once you realize this, you will find it easier to be less of a control freak.

Here are a few benefits of learning to let go:

  1. Happiness

For many people, their happiness is determined by the outcome of certain interactions and life situations. If these were to ever go against what they expected, they would constantly be unhappy and, in fact, some people are. When you learn to let go and stop struggling with trying to make people like you or respond in the way you want them to, you are able to focus more on yourself and are more likely to do the things that are within your control, such as grooming your body and eating right; actually choosing to be happy.

  1. Better Health

Holding on can be rather painful at times. Maybe it’s a bad relationship that is just not working out or a job that stresses you out even though it pays well. Situations like these are breeding grounds for lifestyle diseases; in fact, stress has been found to be the root cause of most illnesses. Learning to surrender in such situations can take a load off you, allowing your body to heal, and may even make you look younger.

  1. Appreciating the Important Things in Life

Not letting go can sometimes blindside you and cause you to miss what is (are) really important. Too many people have spent their lives obsessing over achieving a certain status, gaining someone’s approval or fulfilling a pipe dream, while in the process, losing sight of the things and people that really matter. Important people and opportunities may even waltz out of your life because you have been so focused on your own ideals. Letting go can open up your eyes to what’s really in front of you and lead you to a place where you are more appreciative rather than expectant.

Time and time again, controlling behavior has proved disastrous, resulting in depression, disappointment and even worse, death. In light of this, it is important that you learn to let go and live a life that is conducive to your mental state and happiness.

– This article is an excerpt from the upcoming book ‘Make the Most’

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