Strategic Five Marketing believe that in a fast-moving and ever-changing business world it is important to make a good first impression; whether that be with customers or fellow entrepreneurs. Here the firm have outlined how they make a good impression within the first 4 seconds of meeting someone:

Be open
Strategic Five Marketing aims to be open with both body language and attitude. The firm recommend that, in terms of body language, a person should aim their heart directly at the person they’re meeting. “Don’t cover your heart with your hands or your arms. If you’re wearing a jacket, unbutton it beforehand,” states the firm. It’s also important to cultivate a positive attitude. “While greeting the person, you should feel and be aware of that positivity,” highlights Strategic Five Marketing.

Make eye contact
The firm says that, “you should be the one to initiate eye contact and let your eyes reflect your positive attitude.” However, the firm believe it is important to look away at some point, as too much eye contact can feel rude or intimidating for the other person.

Strategic Five Marketing says “you should always be the first one to smile.” They believe this sends a message of sincerity. Research also suggests that smiling when meeting someone in a happy context is a useful way to be a person that they remember.

Say “hello”

Strategic Five Marketing always aim to sound excited to be making a person’s acquaintance when saying hello. The firm suggest offering a firm handshake, which generally creates a more positive impression. To remember a person’s name the firm offer a top tip to repeat it a few times in greeting.

Lean in
Strategic Five Marketing suggest an almost unnoticeable forward tilt to show that you’re open to and interested in what the person has to say.

Strategic Five Marketing uses these top tips when they are connecting with consumers on behalf of their clients’ brands. The firm uses face-to-face interactions to acquire customer for their clients and therefore understand how making a good impression is vital.

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