The Media Scene with TV Exec. Jay Connor

TV Exec Jay Connor evaluates media scene in interview


Jay Connor is a British media executive who is the current CEO of EssexTV and EssexMag, we pulled him in for a quick chat to get  his take on the UK media scene and what trends the market is developing.

1. Whats the future looking like for the UK TV scene?
The UK scene is looking great… there are so many up and coming producers and directors and not to mention our actors are getting recognised worldwide. The future is great and I’m happy to be a part of it

2. Do you think EssexTV’s digital footprint will be as powerful as Netflix?
It has all the potential to be bigger than Netflix… we are acquiring more and more content every day! We are producing our own shows and we will be looking at making it interactive so people can send through their own videos… so all you budding youtubers stay tuned on how this is going to work

3. What sort of genres excite digital viewers in your opinion?

Reality is the biggest genre in my opinion! Look at X Factor, I’m A Celebrity, strictly come dancing… these are fan favourites and people just can’t get enough of this stuff. Its car crash TV but people (including myself) love this stuff!

4. Rumour has it you have another TV related venture in the works, what can you tell us?

Yes me and Matthew Martino are currently working on a TV series based in East London called ENDZ… it’s going to be a gritty drama and we have a line of stars looking to get involved! Script is currently getting written so once that’s complete we are looking forward to shooting that last December/Early January !

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