Selfie lovers hate bad make up, and what can be more exciting than having a handy mirror as part of the mobile phone in hand? MirraMirra, the backlit mirror addition to the iPhone cover, solves this small but critical problem that is likely to receive a huge response from women of all age groups across the world.

MirraMirra is a sliding cosmetic mirror with backing lights that fits in with iPhone 6 and 6S covers and will be rolled out for delivery in January 2017. The mirror is slim (0.19” in thickness), feels like a part of the phone, and uses the LED lighting with built-in prisms to reflect light on the user and around the mirror. The product does not require separate charging, and the cover helps protect the phone from shocks. The product is crowd funded on Indiegogo with perks that include early bird offers, free goodies, discounts and opportunities for retailing.

The MirraMirra iPhone case aims to become a part of modern lifestyle where time is of essence and people want to look good on the go or while taking a selfie. The product’s prototype was completed in September 2015 and a patent filed. Post testing of the second prototype and lighting, the crowd funding campaign has now been launched. MirraMirra will be ready for tooling and development in October, followed by the first run and quality assurance testing in December 2016, and will be ready for delivery to backers in January 2017. The team is readying itself to start work on new models for iPhone 6+, iPhone 7, iPhone 7+ and Android devices for delivery early next year.

The iPhone mirror case is being developed by a team of innovators, designers and engineers led by co-founder, director and product developer, Mark Ainsworth. A complementing app has also been designed to activate the light with a single touch or adjust the light intensity and tone to suit varying occasions.

“The idea for the MirraMirra iPhone mirror case was born in a café outside Melbourne. We noticed a woman trying unsuccessfully to use the front camera to adjust her makeup. We thought there must be an easier way to do this, and after research and feedback, came up with the solution. With MirraMirra, no more makeup checks in your selfie camera,” said Mathew Goss.

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