The mobile app iPassion explores the role playing habits of sexual partners in the US and reveals the hottest and funniest role playing fantasies.

With the trailer of “50 Shades Darker” steaming up screens, there’s a lot of buzz around bondage games, dominance role playing and how to have hotter sex when you’re in a relationship.

The iPassion team from Denmark has taken a closer look at what US couples really think about different role playing scenarios and the difference between men’s and women’s preferences in this area.

iPassion is an app game for couples that was launched in late July 2016, and in 6 months it has registered more than 140,000 players. 1% of the Danish population has it. And every month, 10,000 new American users download it for free from the App and Play stores.

Since iPassion is geared to make intimate conversations fun and non-threatening in a game-like setting, its questions cover all kinds of turn-ons, turn-offs, preferences, fantasies and of course role playing desires.

After accumulating anonymous data from its large US based user pool, the app team have found that more than 4 out 5 couples are open to role playing. And a deeper dive into the stats reveals what people want behind closed doors…

“Boss & Secretary”

A classic scenario! The strict boss staying late to finish the boring report and the secretary who must help out with the exhausting deadline – well past midnight! Who hasn’t heard about this one before?

4 out of 5 couples would like to engage in this hot scenario and it’s easy to understand why. The needed outfits are already in the closet and the scenario is pretty straightforward and easy to imagine. About half the men wish to be the boss only and half the women wish to be the secretary only. 24% of women and 33% of men say that they’d like to try both roles. And 12% of women only want to play if they get to be the boss!

“Lord & Servant”

More BDSM than the Boss and Secretary set-up, Lord and Servant is one partner losing all sense of empowerment and even identity to cater to the wishes of the other. This may require considerable trust to explore in the relationship, but it is definitely not off the table for couples, as only 19% of men and 26% of women rule out this scenario.

“Lord & Servant” literally needs no preparation to pull off. Couples may even start off with an order to strip from the lord. It’s a wild and open role play option where anything goes.

About 20% of men are okay with being the “Servant” and around 21% of women want to be the lord! More and more couples are keen on breaking gender stereotypes and it would seem that 1 out of 5 people in the cinema watching “50 Shades Darker” actually wishes the roles were reversed. Interesting!

“Police & Criminal”

One partner disciplining the other. And with authority! The police and criminal scenario takes the bad boy/bad girl fantasy to the next level, and police uniforms are always on the top 10 list of uniforms on sex shops and for Halloween. The best part? Using cuffs is natural in this scenario.

The team found that most couples are really into the Police-Criminal setting. For men, it’s almost 50-50 regarding wanting to be a criminal or a police officer. For women, however, almost 3 out of 4 want to be the criminal.

“The Plumber”

This role-playing scenario is an erotic movie classic along with the pizza delivery guy scenario. Indeed, there are also couples who would love to have “their pipes fixed” and enjoy the idea of getting down and dirty with the plumber.

But a third of men and women don’t find this scenario sexy at all and about another third would be open to trying it out but are not convinced that it’ll work, which makes this scenario the least popular one on our list. Perhaps it depends on the reasons for having needed a plumber in the past.

Most people fit the gender stereotypes for this scenario as most men who want to play this game want to be the plumber and almost all women want to be the ones whose “pipes need fixing”.

“Strangers who meet at a Bar”

One night stands are the stuff fantasies are made of! Picking up a handsome stranger or a beautiful diva from the bar is a popular role play option for modern and cautious couples who wouldn’t really like to bring home someone they don’t know.

25% of players do not want to act out this fantasy and another 25% would really like to get it going this way. The remaining 50% of men and women might want to try it out sometime but aren’t completely sure that it’s a good idea.

This hot scenario is often used in movies and could be a fun way to spice up a relationship in which the couple have been together for many years. What might be turning some people off, could be the fact that this role play takes place in public which could be a challenge.

“Vampire and Victim”

Fangs and helpless souls. The bite and the heated sexual tension. Vampire and victim scenarios seem tailor made for role play and there have been countless movies and TV series about the charming blood-sucking character and the beautiful, innocent victim.

However, 2 out of 5 men and women don’t want to try out this scenario in real life which may or may not have something to do with the huge success of the Twilight movies in which both vampire and victim are portrayed by young teenagers instead of sexy adults. Or it may simply be due to the fact that it requires some special props and costumes to get it right and that it may make it hard to keep a straight face throughout the entire session. Or maybe it’s the vegan trend – who knows?

With that said, it’s very easy to see why 3 out of 5 people would like to act out this scenario as it entails danger, submission, mystery, a little pain and a lot of enjoyment. Most men still want to be the vampire while most women want to be the innocent victim. However – fun fact –  17% of women state that they would prefer to be the vampire.


This setting is interesting because it toys with the concept of prostitution which is obviously illegal in most places and frowned upon in other. But roleplaying doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with reality. And iPassion has explored how people feel about “paying” for the act.

Barely 1 out of 3 men and women will rule it out right off the bat. The numbers show some hesitation amongst women where only a third is convinced that it’s a good idea compared to about half the men.

This role play scenario seems to be catching on as people shed their inhibitions. It doesn’t necessarily require any costumes and done right, it can channel a romantic “Pretty Woman” vibe.

Role playing is a great way to try out new, fun and sexy things in a relationship and a great way to get started is to ease into it and perhaps buy a few accessories that will help bring the role playing to life.

For every individual who is jittery about finding out what his or her partner secretly wishes or would simply like to spark fun conversations about each other’s preferences, the iPassion app is free for download in the Play Store or the App Store.

iPassion has been created by J. Martin Moller and his girlfriend who are committed to helping people engage in authentic intimacy by finding out more about the sexual preferences, wants and safe limits of their partners. Reviews and ratings can be found in the App Store and Play Store.

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