There is much delight in social drinking. It’s as much a hobby as part of a broader lifestyle. Be it a grill at home or an evening at your favorite bar, the right drink and great company can be magic. Often though, when it’s time to get a little more adventurous, a bar crawl might just be what the doctor ordered. A well executed bar craw can make a world of a difference, be it for a birthday party, bachelor/bachelorette night, reunion, or just a night about town.

With this being said, here are few steps for a perfect bar crawl.

Find a Destination

First of all, you should handpick a perfect location for the pub crawl. Decide on a location that has a range of options (plans change), ample parking and reliable modes of transportation. Meanwhile, remember that you should have a way of going back home.

Find a Spot

Now, make a list of bars you can visit. Search through websites like BarFinder, for more information regarding the town’s finest places for bar crawling.

Find Transportation

Now, make sure you’ve got transport sorted. Be it a designated driver, planned pickup, bus routes or Ubers – make sure you know how to get about and get home after.

Tune Your Mind

Pace your night systematically. Always drink, with the first bar in mind! Also, understand your limits before going for the next round.

Remember to Photograph

Meanwhile, don’t forget to capture the night! Every minute in your bar crawl night should be captured and treasured. After all, these are priceless moments that live on after the hangovers are gone.

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