Zidane’s signature turn dribble, Ronaldo’s off the cuff dribble, Ronaldinho’s juggle, all these are marquee maneuvers that these players seem to exploit often. So often do you see them perform these tricks that ultimately it becomes their trademark move, signature move or their soccer trick.

David Beckham’s Curve Ball
David Beckham may be just an above average soccer player who cannot kick with his left, cannot head a ball, and cannot tackle and doesn’t score many goals, but boy, can he make those awesome curve ball. The curling soccer trick became his trademark, which he used to win against Greece in 2001 for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals.


True, soccer’s poster boy successes aren’t stemmed from his innate abilities; it is his tireless practice habits that gave him his edge on the game.

Ronaldinho Juggle & Crossbar
Ronaldinho emerged from the streets with the most superb soccer weapon –his ball handling skills. Just like those that came before him, he mastered his own style of soccer trick and used it for every scoring opportunity. This video shows his overwhelming skill in juggling; that and hitting the crossbar in intervals which is pretty insane.

Have you wondered how Ronaldinho utilizes this skill on the pitch? Or could he even do this to his advantage? You bet, how he does it could rival Zidane for ball handling.


Ronaldo’s Insane Dribble
While Ronaldinho and Zidane complement their soccer tricks with finesse, Ronaldo complements his own with pure energy. Built powerfully like a defender but with a surprisingly deft touch at the ball, Ronaldo’s soccer tricks with the ball earned him a lot of goals –and a host of trailing defenders.

Watch how the Phenomenon manages to mislead and trick his defenders off balance and off the ball.

Zidane’s Soccer Trick

While Zinedine Zidane may not be as flashy as Ronaldinho or the latest crop of marvelous young stars, Zizou firmly stands with his own brand of soccer playing style. Watch how this retired veteran plays his game. Also on the video is Ronaldinho and his own unique style of play.


How Zidane practices his wide array of soccer tricks, is just awesome. Watch this video clip of Zidane practicing his ball handling. And yeah, he is retired.

Thierry Henry’s Trick Pass


Thierry Henry is France’s main weapon and Arsenal’s best striker. He was also named as one of the 125 greatest footballers living today. Watch how he fooled his defenders by faking a kick. It’s too bad though that his teammate failed to capitalized on the situation.

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