There are hundreds of products out there which claim to change your skin care life. A handful of them are likely accurate claims, but most are just selling you stuff so someone can make a buck. We have complied a list of products which are affordable dupes of major brand labels. If you are a savvy shopper who’s interested in finding something economic, worthwhile, and effective we have the list for you! Here are some of our top skin cleansing products you can’t live without!

1.       Nourish Care Himalayan Sea Salt Body Wash available at Kroger, is a fantastic all-over body scrub which has just the right amount of exfoliating beads to make you feel tingly and clean! This body wash is an excellent addition to your showering routine, making your skin refreshed in ways that cannot be described. It helps to prevent dead skin cell build up, clear pores, and maintain healthy, vibrant skin. A perfect addition to your daily body cleansing routine.

2.       CVS Illuminating Facial Cleanser is not too harsh, actually it is gentle enough for daily use. This cleanser uses the rich benefits of soy to help even out your skin tone & texture to reveal beautiful, glowing skin. This is one of our most popular choices and it continues to top our lists, time and time again.

3.       Cleanse Care Let’s Be Clear Daily Facial Pore Cleanser available at Kroger is an oil free formulation which leaves the skin clear and clean. This is another popular product which seems to top our lists again & again. It works, leaves your skin fresh and tingly while deep cleaning your pores to remove any dirt, make up, & oil. It’s a fantastic, affordable alternative to its major competitor Clean & Clear.

4.       Renewal Acne Wash Daily Scrub is available at Rite Aid and is comparable to Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Daily Scrub. It is more affordable, prevent breakouts, gentle enough for daily use and is a facial cleanser game changer! This product is wonderful for young, teenage skin where a proper deep cleanse is important but not too harsh where it will damage their sensitive skin. A perfect gifting option for someone in your life looking for a more intense cleansing – add to your wish list too!

5.       Equate Beauty Clarifying Facial Toner adds an extra line of defense in eliminating dirt & oil from your pores. It gently exfoliates skin for a clear glowing complexion and aids in closing pores after a deep wash. This is an important step in your skin care routine to ensure you are not imbedding any impurities during your makeup application. An affordable necessity available at Walmart.

These are The Savvy Beauty’s top 5 skin cleansing products you can’t live without which will greatly improve the appearance and vibrance of your skin. Understand the importance of finding products that are suitable for your skin type to optimize the best results possible. Here at Savvy Beauty we go through dozens of products every month to find the best ones for our readers to benefit. We hope you were able to learn something new or discover a new addition to your cleansing routine. Stay beautiful!

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