Over the past 6 months the Healthy Lifestyle Academy has been busy publishing a wide range of podcasts exploring healthy living. Some of the many topics covered relate to good nutrition, superfoods, the benefits of herbs, and a whole range of other key areas of interest. With a global audience and increasing demand, these comprehensive and informative podcasts are now available on iTunes. Spokesman for the Healthy Lifestyle Academy, Mr. Barry Gardens, discussed this new development in a recent interview:
“We are passionate about helping people to achieve the best health and vitality. We understand that education is the key. The more people can understand about different foods and how they interact with the body, the better the choices they can make. We want to share our knowledge with everyone, and these podcasts are a great way to get the message out to people all over the world. Teaming up with iTunes, anyone with this media player can now listen to all our podcasts for free. We want and many people as possible to tune-in and take control of their health and vitality.”
Currently there are almost forty episodes available to listen to on iTunes. They cover topics from supporting a healthy thyroid through to superfoods and wonder herbs. There are podcasts discussing diets to reduce stress, improve energy, sleep better, and much more.  These audio recordings feature expert guests, include Jay Author. Mr. Author has unlimited knowledge about good health and nutrition and is passionate about sharing this with other people.
“Helping other people to learn about the benefits of certain foods is so important to Mr. Author and the Healthy Lifestyle Academy is very fortunate to have his involvement”, said Mr. Gardens. “Not only is he a wonderful speaker and full of knowledge, he is eager to engage with people and help them achieve a better lifestyle. The information discussed is highly relevant and easy for people to relate to and understand, which is one the reasons why these podcasts are so popular and effective”, added Mr. Gardens.
Anyone interested in learning more about the Healthy Lifestyle Academy podcasts will find plenty of information on their website. Visitors can also subscribe to the Healthy Lifestyle Academy newletters and other resources for free. More podcasts will continue to be added to the iTunes collection of Healthy Lifestyle Academy topics. People around the world are encouraged to tune-in and learn more about health and nutrition.
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Healthy Lifestyle Academy is owned by The Smart Group Inc, a company with a mission of helping customers achieve better health. Specializing in providing people with the most up-to-date information on health and fitness products and advice, the Healthy Lifestyle compilation of resources is available throughout the globe.

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