CraftHounds has launched its online platform focused on building a network of partnerships with the best bottle shops and breweries in the city. The site offers consumers the ability to explore nearly every brew the city has to offer while comparing real-time prices across stores to find the best deal. Ultimately this provides an e-commerce experience based on the premise of both access and convenience, as users can immediately order available beers for on-demand or scheduled delivery.

Unlike other delivery services, consumers aren’t limited to their local store. That means the city can sort and discover by location a selection of nearly 4,000 beers – making CraftHounds one of the largest craft beer marketplaces in the country.

Every craft beer has a detailed profile – including descriptions, tasting notes, and even food pairings. The site also provides personalized recommendations based on your taste preferences, empowering the community to be adventurous and try something new.

As San Diego’s craft beer scene explodes exponentially, CraftHounds is genuinely dedicated to bringing the community closer together than ever before. Director of Marketing, Adam Gendler, says “CraftHounds is not another alcohol delivery service. It is a community of craft beer lovers connected to the city’s network of dedicated merchants and brewers – fueled by the excitement of discovery.” Gendler went on to say, “This launch marks only the beginning of CraftHounds with future expansion planned across the country.”

The craft beer market is growing rapidly, earning $22.3B in 2015 sales and expected to reach over $36B by year 2019 according to industry experts. “Consumers of all demographics love craft beer, and quite frankly, there is an unmistakable demand when compared with mass market producers that do not meet their quality or taste desires,” says Gendler. With over 115 breweries and 1,300 craft beer stores here in San Diego, CraftHounds is optimistic about future growth and helping meet the consumer demand.

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