Things that originate from Brazil usually denote something that is lively or vibrant and can easily capture people’s attention and interest. This is very true for Brazilian embroidery. The colors and patterns used in Brazilian embroidery are one of a kind and will surely merit a second glance from anyone who sees it.

In creating embroidery, there are usually certain rules that you should follow, such as which kind of stitch you must use, what kind of thread is appropriate, or even what kind of cloth to do your needlework on.

However, in Brazilian embroidery, there are practically no rules. You can use whatever stitch you want in your pattern as long as it helps create your desired design.

This is what makes Brazilian embroidery very appealing to creative individuals all over the world. Since there are practically no limitations in the process of creating your work of art, you can make infinitely more designs with Brazilian embroidery than with any other kind.

At this point, you might be wondering how you can possibly create Brazilian embroidery when you are definitely not Brazilian, and you live smack in the middle of Ohio or Arizona.

Brazilian embroidery today actually does not mean it came from Brazil or was created by Brazilians. It simply means that the threads used in the needlework came from Brazil.

The special rayon threads used in Brazilian embroidery have a smooth and silky texture to them, much like velvet. This is the main characteristic that Brazilian embroidery is known and appreciated for. The threads are made by hand and are extracted from a certain kind of wood pulp.

Traditionally, Brazil was the only country in the world that made these vibrant rayon threads which made for very interesting designs and patterns on Brazilian embroidery. However, it does not mean that you have to fly to South America just to get these threads.

These days, there are several manufacturers of this thread in the United States. You can actually choose from an endless rainbow of colors of Brazilian thread from several textile stores across the country. These threads are generated here in the U.S. but all the raw materials are still shipped in from Brazil. For more info see on digitally enhancing embroidery.

Items with Brazilian embroidery definitely have a high aesthetic value for many people. But once you start to make your own Brazilian embroidery, you will have a greater appreciation for the beauty of this kind of needlework.

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