As a company that specialises in sales and marketing, Cardiff-based A. Innova has revealed the top 10 tips to become a sales top performer. A. Innova, a specialist sales and marketing firm, work with some of the best talents in Cardiff, through in-house workshops and extensive product training the firm is proud of their ability to offer elite representation to their clients. As the company develop their contracted sales force, they look to instill specific traits to maximise their potential.

A. Innova reveals what it takes to become a top sales person:

1. Product knowledge – confidence comes hand in hand with knowledge. A full 360-degree knowledge of what’s being sold allows the salesperson to focus on solutions that products can offer, and have the confidence to answer any future questions.

2. Passionate – Passion is contagious, a salesperson who has a connection with a product the passion exudes and builds interest in the product and trust in the information delivered.

3. Organised – By assessing a customer entirely, taking notes when possible to address issues and offer solutions. A client who feels valued will feel at ease and develop a lasting and trusting relationship.

4. Hungry – Managing existing customers is great, but top salespeople are always on the lookout for recent acquisitions. High achievers understand the importance of developing an extensive business network, ensuring they are familiar with the key decision makers.

5. Personable – Great salespeople understand cues, for example when to listen and when to talk. This allows communication to flow naturally and makes the customer feel at ease.

6. Hard working – Understanding that obstacles occur post sale and being on hand to ensure that any issues are handled quickly and efficiently with follow up calls frequently will add value to a salesperson’s value.

7. Self-motivated – Salespeople spend a lot of time unsupervised, so they need to have the ability to self-manage time and be responsible for duties.

Based in Cardiff, A.Innova is a sales and marketing firm that deliver innovative direct marketing campaigns on behalf of the brands they represent. By using interactive displays, presentations, promotions and demonstrations during events, the company can increase their clients brand exposure and customer acquisitions. Their cost-effect and personalised marketing campaigns allow them to make genuine connections with consumers, which in turn increases brand loyalty for their clients.

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