Many men detest getting friend zoned. Being put in the friend zone is a common issue for men in the dating world. Many men are confused with this situation and have long been searching for answers on how to avoid being friend zoned.

Dr. David Tian, an international top dating coach provides knowledge and guidance in dating issues, including this friend zone situation. He moved to Singapore to become a professor in Asian religious philosophy, moral philosophy, and philosophical psychology at the National University of Singapore. In addition, he holds a Ph.D in Asian Cultures and Philosophy from the University of Michigan. He also had numerous fellowships from several prestigious universities and institutions.

With his academic background in philosophy, psychology, and cultural studies – combined with over a decade of experience coaching men in dating, relationships, and social intelligence, Dr. Tian provides insights and solutions to a wide range of dating woes.

Aura Transformation is lead by Dr. Tian, offering courses on how to improve your dating life, social life, relationships, and overall well-being. Dr Tian has also lived in several diverse countries across the globe and delivers advice suitable for many different social and cultural contexts. He recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and provides advice accordingly.

Aura Transformation has a private Facebook group where men can pose their questions or ask about their current situations. Dr. Tian has answered many questions from the Facebook group and has made many video replies on these dating dilemmas. The videos are uploaded in the Aura Transformation website and are called Man-up episodes. These are part of his video show called Man Up: Masculinity for the Intelligent Man.

In fact he already made some video replies on being friend zoned, explains this situation in detail, and gives advice on how to break away from it. He discusses that being friend zoned is a situation that, although hard to break out of, can be overcome.

You may view more of the Man-Up episodes at this website. You can get his advice on several dating and self improvement questions. If you want to know more also about being friend zoned, he presents on this issue in several other videos.

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