The term “University” was obtained from Latin literature. Roughly, it is derived from universitas magistrorum et scholarium which means community of scholars and teachers. You will be astounded to note that the first university has a history that dates back to early 1088s.

Picking a university which is right for you is not always the easiest of tasks – quite the contrary. A great starting point is to get a background on the best options out there.

UK – Oxford University

Identified as one of the oldest and finest university in the world, the Oxford University has being active from 1096. It offers an interesting range of courses and has produced many leaders, royal scholars and successful entrepreneurs.

UK – University of Cambridge

Founded in 1209, University of Cambridge attracts candidates from different parts of the world. The ancient university has numerous practical associations and cultural groups. The university received its prestigious Royal Charter in 1231.

USA – Harvard University

The list of best universities in the world, would remain incomplete without Harvard. With a Global Score of 100 in 2014, this university produces leaders and innovationists. It has nearly 14,500+ graduates and 20% of them come from different parts of the world. And, Harvard features nearly 100+ research centers.

USA – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

With nearly 10,000+ students, another mind blowing grad school would be the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The beautiful campus is known for its lecture series, special events, recitals and graduate programs. MIT has five schools, namely social sciences, engineering, arts, humanities and management.

USA – CalTech

Well known as CalTech, the California Institute of Technology is a legendary school that focuses on engineering and science. It comprises of six different academic divisions, eight under-grad schools and plenty of on-campus opportunities.

USA – University of Chicago

Being a private institution, University of Chicago is a stunning place for undergrad courses and postgrad research. Its multiple graduate divisions are one of a kind. Highly ranked divisions of this university would be the Pritzker School of Medicine, Booth School of Business and the Law School.


University of California alias UCLA is a public school with five scintillating academic divisions. Its medical research facilities are renowned across the world. In fact, it receives 1 Billion USD every year for research.

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