The first impression you create will always be your best impression! This is why you should be very considerate about the way you dress socially.The way you dress will have a definitive impact on how people perceive you. When you dress, you base it on the social situation and purpose. Always remember that your dress will speak, even before you utter your first word. There are six different types of attires. Here is a quick walk through these dressing styles.

Style #1 – White Tie

White Tie is identified as a the most formal way of dressing to social events. It’s generally part of a full ensemble, and for ladies, this may even mean the inclusion of white gloves.

Style #2 – Formal

Formal is a sizzle style anyone can carry. If you want to create a mature impression, it would be wise to go formal.

Style #3 – Semi Formal

Semi-formal is preferred by most individuals. Semi-formal blends both formal and casual looks. Black is identified as an ideal shade for semi-formal dressing.

Style #4 – Business

You can stick to business in most day to day affairs where you need to appear professional or neat. Unfortunately, this is one of the most misunderstood styles. When it comes to business apparels, men should opt for suits & ties. On the other hand, women should go for clean skits, dress shoes and apt accessories.

Style #5 – Semi Casual

Semi-casual is somewhat more grey, versatile, and open to interpretation. It is not denim for everyone! The right pairing of blazers, t-shirts, jeans and the like can work well in the right setting.

Style #6 – Casual

Many prefer casual – it’s easy (albeit not always appropriate). Generally, this can include sneakers, blue jeans, t-shirts and shorts. But hey – you’re a blazer away from semi-casual.


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