There are plenty of social jobs out there. If you’d love to mingle and socialise while you’re ‘on the grind,’ the below are some career paths to go down.


Over the years, PR has become a rewarding and difficult job. At times, it can be very interesting but there are occasions when it can turn out to be all work. If you want to be a PR you should be able to write and speak professionals; along with being congenial, friendly, and a charmer.

Guides/Tour Guides

A great tour guide knows how to speak aloud and clearly. He is someone, who is willing to learn on the go. After all, tour guides should act as hubs of information. Above all, you should have good people skills!

Event management

If you Mant to be an event manager, you should be flexible, passionate about event management and filled with people skills. Also, event managers are expected to have sharp time management and leadership skills.


A well balanced drink states that you are in a top notch bar. And, it is the duty of the bartender to make this perfect drink with the best attitude. A stellar barkeep would know how to mix the right ingredients in the right way for a perfect cocktail!

Sales rep

To become a successful sales rep, you should think big and work hard. These are two important qualities that will widen your horizons and make you very successful in the long run.


Fundraisers are meant to be salespeople with personalities and passion! If you are raising funds for a charity or business organization, you must know how to connect and build trust on the go.


A great winemaker knows to be a microbiologist and chemist. After all, he is meant to create a master piece and make more than 500+ decisions before mixing the ingredients.

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