Things have changed in the City of Lights. If in the past, there was a shortage among the interesting places to visit now, there are a lot to choose from. New pubs and cafés have been established with international themes where the prices have also been dropped. Here is a list of the best bars in Paris.

* Café De I’industrie
L’Industrie was the first “bricole” in Paris, and it still serves great Parisian food. Prices are reasonable, whether you’re ordering a meal or just a cocktail. The interior features Harcourt Studio photography. This is an all-around pleasant place to visit with nearby restaurants such as Blue Elephant, Brasserie Bofinger, L’ Ambriosie, L’ Osteria and Finkelsztajn. This bar in Paris is located at 16 Rue Saint- Sabin.
* La Casbah
This chic bar always plays the hottest music in a trendy environment. It attracts mostly the young crowd and is always bursting with energy. It’s definitely not the place to go if you want to relax with a drink and some quiet conversation. They open daily at nine in the evening until dawn. It is just neighboring around the following sights and activities like Musee Picasso, Saint Paul & Saint Louis, Carnavalet, among the few. This bar in Paris is located at 18- 20 Rue De La Forge- Royale.
* La Fontaine
This little red bistro is friendly and pleasant, whether you have a small meal or nurse a cocktail while you socialize. Sit outside on the terrace for a relaxed evening, or sit inside amid classy decor and enjoy the music and a glass of wine or a well-mixed drink. It opens from Monday to Saturday as early as 7 in the morning until the wee hours of 2am the following day. This bar in Paris is located at 1 Rue De Charonne.
* Le Depanneur
Le Dépanneur sports American-style decor and serves American cuisine in its café. A DJ often plays trendy music for chic crowds, but even if that’s not the case, the bar ranks as a popular place to socialize in the evening. It is just blocks away from posh restaurants like La Table D’anvers, La Luna, I Golosi, La Verriere and Chez Michel. This bar in Paris is located at 27 Rue Fontaine.
* Le Doobie’s
The interior of this trendy club was designed by Yannick Noah, and the ambience is consistently pleasant and welcoming. During the day, Le Doobie’s is a great place to dine, while at night, it’s ideal for hanging out at the bar for a drink. Both locals and tourists frequent the place. This bar in Paris is located at 2 Rue Robert- Estienne.
* Le Moloko
his nightspot is always alive with young, energetic faces. The jukebox offers more than 1,200 selections, and while you groove to the music, you can enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine. The decor is modern and trendy, which matches the clientele. They open everyday from 12:30pm up to 4am the next morning. This bar in Paris is located at 26 Rue Fontaine.
* Man Ray
Not only does Man Ray elicit raves for its incredible Asian-inspired decor, but it gets the added buzz of having three celebrity owners: Johnny Depp, John Malkovich, and Sean Penn. As a result, the place often draws a crowd of beautiful people. Amid photos by the artist for whom the club’s named, patrons munch on French-Asian fare and sushi while nursing well-mixed cocktails. The mezzanine bar is the usual center of activity, hosting weekday jazz and late-night DJs. On Friday nights, patrons take to the dance floor to kick off the weekend in style. This bar in Paris is located at 34 Rue Marbeuf.

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