What better way to lose weight and firm up than by shopping? And what makes shopping in Copenhagen a worthwhile endeavor?

Copenhagen is home to numerous shopping areas. The city offers a wide selection of quality products that Danes are well-known for. Furniture, ceramics, clothes, jewelries, and glassware, are just some of the merchandise that you can see in most shops.

Copenhagen shopping can be done in the city’s two big department stores, the Magasin du Nord and the Det Ny Illum. The former is easily situated across the famous Royal Theatre. The other, which boasts of magnificent interior including a great glass dome, is conveniently located at Amagertory which is halfway down the streets of Stroget.

Copenhagen shopping done at the Fisketorvet is more than just a pleasant experience. Not only is this the city’s first biggest shopping mall, but its location adjacent to the harbour adds to its appeal. A traditional, but definitely not an old-fashioned mall, is Frederiksberg Centret. The City Hall Square is just a stone’s throw away from it, making Copenhagen shopping a lot more convenient.

One of the reasons why Copenhagen shopping is so appealing is because you can do it by foot. Pedestrian shopping is like no other along the streets of Kobmagergade and Stroget. The streets are lined with a lot of charming little shops and boutiques. Stroget is not actually a name of a street. Rather it is a link between the east and west parts of the city. Stroget consists of four street, namely: Frederiksberggade, Ostergade, Vimmelskaftet, and Amagertorv. Three squares connect all of these four streets.

The various stores and shops provide plenty of allure and offer a totally unique Copenhagen shopping experience. However, the atmosphere is charming in itself and people are taken on a charming journey through a world of fashion, jewelry, ateliers, souvenirs, and even second-hand items. International fashion greats can also be bought as Prada, Boss, Cerutti, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Mulberry, and several others join the throng of shops along the city’s streets.

Cheapskates need not worry. Copenhagen shopping is not merely for the rich and famous. The city has its share of flea markets. Israel Plads and Frederiksberg are two of the places that boast of great value. The other one, Gammel Strand, provides more than just discounts. It is a great hangout due to its outdoor cafés and canal-side setting.

Copenhagen shopping is more than just ending up with charming knick knacks and what-have-you’s. It offers a good excuse for a leisurely stroll

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