Denmark’s capital and one of the oldest and most wonderful cities of Europe, Copenhagen beautifully nestles at the eastern shores of Zealand.  It is a part of the region of Øresund, and has one of the world’s oldest Danish monarchies with Queen Margerethe II residing right at the city’s heart.

Copenhagen is considered to be one of the most astonishing capital cities in the world, perfected with a royal touch.   The city has a welcoming ambiance yet its international and continental feel gives every visitor, even first timers, an easy “feel at home” mood.  There’s no doubt that this incredible city always offers something for everyone and every taste, leaving every visitor a fantastic memory to bring home.

The city has a rather long significant history incorporated with its current modern life.  Thanks to its past and present immigration, it has become a multicultural center, which has in fact contributed a lot to its international atmosphere.  With the royal family living in the core of the city, within the grounds of Amalienborg Royal Palace, one should not be astounded if they bump into any Royal family member or perhaps the Queen herself.

The city’s Øresund Bridge, that opened in July of 2000, has since been a unique landmark of the city, as it remarkably bonds two countries, that of Sweden and Denmark.  The bridge has been a realization to over a hundred years of planning to have a permanent link between Copenhagen and Malmø.  It features a combined tunnel and bridge, which is one of Europe’s biggest construction, having an eight-kilometer bridge, four-kilometer synthetically-made island Pepparholmen, and a four-kilometer stretch tunnel.

Copenhagen’s accommodations are as nice as the city itself, with various choices of places to stay, from luxurious hotels to simple inns, peaceful hostels, to comfortable apartments; the lodging picks are countless.  There are also an abundance of great dining options in the city, from trendy blend of cafés to the traditional Danish pubs; just be sure not to miss the all-time favorite Danish food, smörrebröd.

Take pleasure in indulging in one of the Copenhagen’s favorite activities such as swimming for those with “antifreeze beach types”, or cycling on excellent paths which is unbelievably easy and popular, or go walking within Copenhagen’s clean, green, and fine city perfect for long strolls.

Whether visiting Copenhagen for pleasure or business, one will undeniably love the royalty of this city, along with its friendly locals and vibrant atmosphere, it is absolutely a place worth visiting.

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