As Edward King said, “The huge Paris world centers twice, thrice, daily; it is at the café; it gossips; it intrigues at the café; it plots, it dreams, it suffers, it hopes, at the café”.

The Paris cafe was on of the most attributes and important aspects of social life during the 19th century. With the rebuilding of the Right bank by Baron Hausmann in the 1850’s, more than 20,000 cafés came alive and it was on the cafés, and on the café terraces, that everyone met to discuss, and talk the normal and pressing issues of the day.

Paris is one of the places in the world that many tourists come to visit. At present, many Parisian and tourists alike spend time in the cafés during work break time, or simply hang out and let time pass by just talking, reading, and other means of taking a little time off from a day’s activities.

Here are some of the famous Paris cafes that not only well-known personalities come to have coffee but also these are their favorite cafes to meet with their friends and colleagues. :

The Café de Flore is a famous hang out of Parisian intellectuals and aspiring actors and actresses.
Les Deux Magots is named after the two wise Chinamen just inside the entrance, and it was founded in 1875 and has been host to many writers, artists, and philosophers in their early days.
Le Procope is the most ancient Paris café and was regularly visited by famous personalities, and it has a lovely sunny terrace overlooking one of the cities busiest streets.
Café Marly is located in a great corner of Louvre. This is one of the nicest places to dine in Paris; with its lush red décor and amazing views.

These are just some of the well-known (and maybe costly) cafés in Paris, and I’m pretty that there are also cafés near a university or college schools for that matter. And mind you, they don’t only serve coffee; they also serve delicious French cuisine. The truth is, there are numerous cafes in Paris that you will never have a hard time finding one.

All of the Paris cafes open early in morning, just in time for breakfast for some also serve breakfast, and stay open until past midnight. This will allow people to have time to hang out from work, or have some talk while drinking their favorite coffee.  Since, French and visitors love to drink coffee; there are now a number of cafes in Paris to choose from where in you can socialize as well.

As a coffee person, I love the coffee from coffee shops because you have a lot of choices. Whatever you want for your coffee, they have it. I love strong brewed coffee and I can only find the best in a café.

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