Tibet is situated at the heart of Asia, and home of the highest mountain peaks in the world, the great Himalayas. This ancient land has enthralled people from all over the world with its majestic beauty and spectacular landscapes. Tibet is often referred to as the Roof of the World because it is the highest plateau on the face of the earth. For many centuries, outsiders were restricted to scale the great peaks by the country’s theocratic rulers. However, there are now many Tibet treks and tours organized especially for tourists.

Tibet treks are considered an ultimate prize for many intrepid explorers, and would often require a great deal of courage and luck. And those who have successfully ventured went home with many exhilarating tales. The eternal splendor and haunting beauty continually captivates many travelers and tourists.

Tibet treks usually range from 4 to 5 days, or 8 to 12 days depending on the preferences and competency of travelers. The trekking follows pilgrimage routes that are simply not for the faint of heart. Because of its isolation for hundreds of years, the journey can be quite tricky and unpredictable. With its snow-capped mountains and deep tropical rainforest certainly makes every Tibet treks a worthwhile experience.

The best time to venture out to Tibet is from April until September since the temperature from October onwards is expected to drop significantly. Tibet treks and expeditions will take you to breathtaking mountains, placid lakes, glaciers and grasslands. Travelers are also encouraged to check out the sand mandalas, textiles, jewelries, and Thangka paintings.

Tibet treks will take you to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet which has several historical attractions that to can observe up close and personal. The Kharta Valley Trek is quite a exhausting but otherwise rewarding trek that will lead you to miles of sharp valleys, high passes, and stunning glacial lakes. Trekkers will be able to witness the magnificent view of the Himalayas.

There are undoubtedly many of us who have dreamed of standing in the base of Mount Everest and staring up at the towering mountain just above.  Many Tibet treks have base camps that allows trekkers unmatched view of Everest and close proximity.

Many people consider going to Tibet a very personal journey, a self-discovery of sorts. Experience the thrill and unravel the mysteries of Tibet. It is a journey that might possibly bring you the inner peace and tranquility that have eluded many of us.

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