TAMGA Designs, a new start-up in the world of sustainable fashion, is unapologetically open about how their clothes are made. The company, started by a pair of Canadians with backgrounds in international development and fashion, spent the last 8 months travelling around Indonesia sourcing innovative materials with the least possible environmental impact.

“TAMGA is out to prove that a fashion brand can do well, by doing good,” says co-founder Yana Barankin. “Millennials demand that brands be accountable for how their products are made, but they’re not willing to compromise one bit on style or quality – this is where TAMGA comes in.”

The Dreamweaver collection from TAMGA Designs is primarily made from Micro-TENCEL, a botanic fibre produced from Eucalyptus wood pulp. The wood is harvested from sustainably managed forests by Austrian company Lenzing AG, and uses 80% less water than cotton. The result is an amazing fabric that is highly breathable, much softer than cotton, and much less prone to wrinkling.

The young company has taken to Kickstarter to share its unique story and garments. Products will begin shipping globally in December.

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