Does it sound bizarre?  Using herbs to improve memory have long been practiced not only by those at home, but in other countries as well.  The American Indians, Orientals, Egyptians, and Greeks have all used herbs to enhance the mind.

Spicy foods are said to increase the cognitive functions of your brain, and there are several spicy herbs available.

Have you ever heard of turmeric?  Maybe curry?  Well, turmeric is an ingredient in curry.  Curcumin is an ingredient in turmeric, which in turn works to improve your memory.  It reduces the effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.  Ginger is another herb, containing zingerone, which defends the neurons of the brain to improve memory.  Cinnamon is a brain activity booster; simply smelling it enhances cognitive function and lifts the mood.  All these wonderful spices can be found in your local grocery store, usually on the isle with the basic cooking ingredients such as flour and sugar.

Health food stores abound these days.  They’ve become more popular for the youth of today alone.  Health food stores can also benefit adult shoppers.  They offer things like ginkgo biloba, touted as the best herb to improve blood flow to the brain.  Suggested use is 80 mg, 3 times a day.

Another herb found in health food stores which increases memory and guards against senility is gotu kola.  It has a calming effect.  Suggested use is 1/2 teaspoon in warm water 3 times a day.

Siberian Ginseng can help the body adapt to stress, helps promote a strong, balanced nervous system, and gives a mild energy boost.  Suggested use is 250 mg, 2 times a day.

Before partaking in the benefits of any of these suggested herbs, please do your research and make sure they won’t have a negative interaction with any medications you are currently taking.  The idea is to improve your memory, not further damage your health in another way.

Herbs don’t just serve to improve your memory by oral ingestion.  A popular way to stimulate your brain these days is by aromatherapy.  Some herbs can be heated in either water or as an ingredient in a candle, maybe even as an ingredient for use with a potpourri burner placed on a cloth as an essential oil to inhale, or simply burned as incense.  Aromatherapy can be done as a low-cost addition to your steps towards good mental health.  It clears the mind, helps you relax, sharpens your ability to focus, and improves your mood.  Two essential oils to use in aromatherapy to help improve memory are rosemary and basil.  Although, anything that is pleasant to your nose will help you calm your thinking so that you can focus more clearly and feel uplifted in spirit.

An important thing to consider is whether you would rather slow down your lifestyle now and begin to take proper care of your mind and body, or whether you’d rather suffer more later as you’ve aged and have more trouble undoing the effects of your neglect.  It’s never too late to adapt a positive outlook and take charge of yourself!

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