Curacao’s best beaches are famous worldwide. There’s at least 40 well known beaches in Curacao, although many of them that are not fully developed. That is because most those beaches are small, secluded and is most likely isolated from the rest.

With a wide variety of beaches that everyone can enjoy, Curacao’s best beaches is truly a place to be. They all have the same turquoise clear water and white sands and yet you have a wide array of selection. Be it a rocky cove, secluded spots, long sandy beach, there’s always a choice depending on your mood.

Most people go to the beach on weekends. Most of the beaches are located at the south coast of the island. Here is a list of Curacao’s best beaches and some information about them. Take your pick:
* Mambo Beach – one of Curacao’s best beaches. Located at the Sea Aquarium beach. It has four bars, two hotels and four restaurants. Surrounded by palm trees and perglas. On weekends, the beach comes alive with people who are looking for pleasure. The beach is teeming with activity on weekend evenings. Sunbathing is allowed here.
* Playa Port Marie – a beach that is perfect for family outing with its ample shade and full facilities. It has restaurants, snackbars, and even dive shops. Serves international and Indonesian dishes. Also good for snorkeling.
* Caracasbaai Beach – Where locals love to swim. On this beach you can park your car along the beach. Parties and barbeques is common here on the evenings. Best of all, admission is free.
* Cas Abou – one of the nicest and most beautiful beaches on Curacao. You have to drive through a sandy road and shrubs on the side just to get there. Has enough trees and parasol for shade.
* Zanzibar – a tourist destination where you can find cots and deck chairs on the beach. Nice place for just laying on the sand where you can relax with the music on the background. Also has a restaurant, a bar and a dive shop. You can even have your drinks served on your deck chair.
* Knip beach – a very secluded beach, located completely west of the island. A very good place for snorkeling. There are no amenities on the beach, only at the hotel which is located just behind the beach. The trees and the quiet atmosphere lovely make this beach an ideal place for those who want a nice peace and quite day. Admission is free.
Although uncommon in the island, topless sunbathing is discouraged, but most European practice topless sunbathing. Even if it is not permitted by law, most beaches permit it.
So if you are planning to go to Curacao. Don’t dare miss the beach. After all, what’s the use of going to the Curacao without visiting Curacao’s best beaches?

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