Aurora Suspended Fires, the fireplace brand for the design conscious, today launched their handcrafted suspended fireplaces in the United Kingdom & Europe with a worldwide sale during November to celebrate their international expansion. The family owned company from Byron bay, Australia are one of only three companies worldwide that specialise in the much-coveted suspended fireplaces and their European launch marks their arrival as a competitively priced alternative to the established suspended fireplace brands.

“We wanted to create a fireplace that looked right in a modern home but had a lot of soul,” said Neil McCarthy, Aurora’s Managing Director. “It had to be versatile, functional and beautiful and it had to be reasonably priced.” Feedback from the Australian design industry suggests that Aurora have succeeded in this goal; “Suspended fireplaces have been available on the global market for decades but are priced beyond the reach of most people. Aurora have changed that by crafting beautifully designed, sophisticated and durable suspended fires that consumers can order directly from the manufacturer all at a very competitive price,” says Australia architect Nicholas Trembe.

Aurora’s direct sales, online business model plays a crucial role in the success of the company. “Selling direct rather than through retail outlets allows us to pass on significant value to our customers in terms of our pricing. Crucially it lets us engage with our customers & respond better and faster to the everchanging needs of both individual customers and the design industry in general,” says Chloe Allan, Auroras General Manager.

The company has quickly established itself as a sought-after brand in Australia & New Zealand and having achieved CE certification in July 2016 is now taking orders from customers in the United Kingdom & Europe with a generous 20% discount + flat rate shipping offered to customers who pay their 20% deposit during November.

About Aurora Suspended Fires:
Aurora Fires are securely connected in the roof space on a stainless steel ceiling bracket which is custom made to fit the pitch of the customer’s ceiling. A stainless steel ball bearing system connects the firebox to the lower flue, enabling the fire to be rotated around 360 degrees. This unique feature allows the fire to be easily directed to face any part of the room.

Aurora Suspended Fireplaces are open fireplaces, available as wood burning, bioethanol or a wood/bioethanol hybrid and come in a range of sleek finishes.

Their elegant design, 8.2kW heat output, 360-degree rotation and pizza oven functionality combine to create a versatile and functional piece of art at an affordable price.

Merging tradition with the opportunities and potential of modern life, Aurora fireplaces offer a stunning focal point for any indoor or outdoor space.

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