Looking for ingenious ways to use all those wine corks lying around? Looking for ways to spice up your home decor with simple champagne or wine corks but haven’t the foggiest on where to start? Here, we have compiled a list of 10 things you can do with corks. These ideas are relatively simple to execute and can be a fun family project.

1. Vases

Gather some cans, spray-paint corks, adhesive and some pins. Wash out the can and paint inside and outside of each can. Cut corks in halves and then wrap them around the outside using glue. Hold in place then proceed to fill each vase with flowers or use them to store other items.

2. Key Chain

This is actually quite simple to achieve. All you’ll need are wine corks and some keychain rings. Simply screw your keychain ring into a cork and that’s about it. If you wish to personalize your keychain, you can opt to draw on them.

3. Cork Trivet

Using superglue and a lot of corks, start by gluing 3 corks together and continue gluing more corks until you have a circular shape. Once you’ve achieved your desired size, let it sit and dry.

4. Plant Markers

Prepare some wine corks, a drill, a permanent marker, and some bamboo skewers. Using the marker, write plant names on each cork. Next, carefully drill into the bottom of each cork and insert your bamboo skewers into place.

5. Cheese Knives

You’ll need different cork shapes and sizes, a good crafts knife, and your cheese knives. First off, remove the handles from your cheese knives. Next, use a crafts knife to create a small opening to be used by each knife shape. Next, wedge the knives into this slot and that’s it. You’ll have a unique and beautiful cheese knife set and your guests will enjoy them too.

6. Bath Mat

Have you been trying to find cheap and fun ways to decorate your bathroom? Why not give it a new mat using nothing but all the wine corks you’ve saved over time? To make this mat, you’ll need to gather tons of wine corks, a hot-glue gun, a ruler, a sharp knife, sand paper, and a non-adhesive shelf liner. Cut each cork in half and arrange these halves in a long rectangle. Cut a shelf liner to size and then glue rows of corks on top of the liner, one by one. Start off with the frame and work your way inwards until your mat is complete.

7. Coasters

Gather your corks, a pocket knife, sand paper, and thin cork paper circles. Cut all the corks in half lengthwise then, attach them one-by-one to the paper circle. Cut off all excess cork and then sand down the edges. Make as many as you wish with this fun and practical project.

8. Decorative Cork Balls

This DIY is a bit more complicated than the rest. You’ll need wine corks, brown acrylic dye, a glue gun and a Styrofoam ball. Apply the dye to the Styrofoam ball and let it sit to dry. Apply glue to one end of a cork and place it on the Styrofoam ball. Hold it until it sticks and repeat the process until the Styrofoam ball is covered in corks.

9. Place Card Holders

You’ll need a knife, corks, paper cutter, a pen, and card stock. Cut card stock to size and then hand write all guest’s names on each card. Slice a cork in half lengthwise, and then cut a small opening down the middle. Place a card into the slot and then place these card holders around your table/s.

10. Corkboard

All you need are tons of corks, a mirror, knife, and hot glue. Take the mirror and remove the glass. Apply dye on the exterior of your frame uising your preferred color. Insert some cardboard in the empty space and then cover the entire area with half-cut corks. If you want a better and unique design, stick these half-cut corks into a zigzag pattern and cut off any excess corks. Leave to dry.

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