The travel industry was turned upside down (as were most industries) with the rise of the Internet, as more and more travelers started seeking all their information online, giving birth to the so-called “do-it-yourself traveler.” This new dynamic seemed to be the fatal blow for travel agencies, but things turned out differently than expected. After the initial and inevitable drop in the sector, the use of travel agencies has been on the rise in 2016, proof that travelers see an advantage in working with an agent. One of the major pros about travel agencies is the knowledge: agents are prepared to share everything they know, giving clients priceless insight into the culture and traditions of the country, as well as useful tips on where to go and what to do.

Select Italy, (, a prestigious travel company specialized in custom vacations to Italy, offers such expertise in the Bel Paese and gives everyone the chance to discover some untold secrets about the country with its collection of eight free Italy travel guides. Each booklet is written by one of the agency’s travel experts focusing on a specific topic, organized into bullet points which make them an enjoyable read and easy to skim through. Here is the list of eBooks:

1) Italy Travel Guide: Useful Tourist Info
2) Guide to Italian Opera Houses
3) Five Reasons to Visit Italy in the Fall & Winter
4) Food & Wine: a Guide to Italian Cuisine
5) How to Dress in Italy: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter
6) Italy Train Guide: Train Travel 101
7) Museums in Italy: Off the Beaten Path
8) 10 Must Have Apps While Traveling to Italy

The free eBooks can all be found at the following link — — and they are a great companion for the long hours of travel to the Italian peninsula. Scanning through these pages is an excellent preparation for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of visiting Italy, giving a wide range of suggestions that go from basic phrases and words in Italian to curious facts and hidden gems of the country.

“There is no such thing as knowing too much of a country’s history and culture,” says Bilguun Ginjbaatar, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Manager at Select Italy, “and we like giving our clients a little heads up on what awaits them in Italy, as well as suggesting places to visit or activities to do which most tourists don’t even think about when planning their trip.”

Select Italy helps travelers with information and useful tips on locals’ favorite destinations, restaurants, markets and hidden gems, and a complete portfolio of services in Italy can be found on the company’s website. For more information about Select Italy travel services visit or send an email to

About Select Italy
Select Italy is The Ultimate Source for Travel to Italy and offers a wide array of superior Italian travel products and services, including customized itineraries, state-of-the-art tours and packages, wedding/honeymoon trips, unique culinary classes, a complete pre-departure ticketing service for museums and musical events, private guided services, yacht charters, transportation, hotel reservations, villa bookings and more. Through a vast network of suppliers and cultural contacts, anything and everything you need for optimum travel to Italy is possible with Select Italy. Based in Chicago with an office in New York and Shanghai and support staff in Italy, the company has expanded its offerings and travel services to the Balkans with the launch of Select Croatia.

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