Are you ready to get hooked on scuba diving?  Well, brace yourself because the moment one slips below the water’s surface into the serene silence of the undersea world, one finally appreciates what Jacques Cousteau frenzied about all those years as you swim amongst graceful manta rays or come confronting a hammerhead shark that sizes you up.  Fortunately, since the world is covered in seventy percent water, there’s not going to be a shortage of great dives to feed one’s scuba diving passion.

So if you’re all hooked up, the next thing to be concerned about are the endless scuba diving trips that you can venture on.  Dive in the most breathtaking and magnificent places of the underwater world, and the biodiversity of tropical reefs.  Be one with nature’s most beautiful presentations in some of the greatest diving locations.  Choosing the best scuba diving as one’s activity is a no-brainer, choosing the best scuba diving trips however, can be more challenging.  Some of the most excellent scuba diving trips include wreck or reef scuba diving trips, live at sea or stay on land scuba diving trips. So how do you choose which one is suitable for you?  Here are some tips:

Wreck or Reef Scuba Diving Trips
The first thing one should consider about these scuba diving trips is what they want to see. Whether it is coral formations, large animals, rare fish, spectacular colors, or shipwrecks, it is important to decide what appeals to you most.  After deciding on what to see, choose the destination accordingly.  Take note that there is always a big difference between the great reef diving in Grand Turk, and the wreck diving in Turk Lagoon.

For that burning passion for history and little distaste to freezing cold water, a wreck dive is for you.  However, one has to be fairly experienced in diving for these types of scuba diving trips, because it entails diving deeper than one would for a reef scuba diving trip, plus it’s apparently more risky to be snaking in and out of boat wrecks than swimming within a reef.  If one prefers to watch the plant life, colorful and pretty fishes, and lovely corals, then reef diving is perfect for you.  Whatever the choice, both scuba diving trips will absolutely satisfy that desire.

Live at Sea or Stay on Land
These choices of scuba diving trips presents two diverse experiences, where living aboard a ship is all about having to eat and sleep on the boat, but gives a greater advantage on exploring reachable hideaways on day trips and getting to know people who have the same passion.  On the other hand, staying in resorts on land includes tying off a sailboat, and going out to restaurants for food.  This scuba diving trip is perfect for those who want to be in a tourist area than what’s below the water surface.
Whatever and wherever the choice for scuba diving trips, it will always be a stimulating and pleasurable experience with the lavishness and beauty of marine life.

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