You know you’re not properly dressed when you are out dining in a fancy restaurant when the waiter is more properly dressed than you are.

Society’s biggest faux pas concerns dress codes. And whether we like to admit it or not, most of us have committed this social blunder at some point. And while some people merely shrug to what the dress code requires, there are those who take it to heart.

When an invite says black tie, formal, black tie optional, or black tie invited, make sure you don’t show up to the party wearing your best shirt. That is if you don’t want to look like somebody’s car driver. Surely, the host probably requires guests to come in their best formals because the event called for it. But even if the party was for a kid’s 1st birthday, the guest still doesn’t have the right to argue what’s on the invite. If it says tuxedo in bold letters, don’t insist on the baggy jeans. Well unless of course you can’t read.

A tux is the ultimate formal wear for men. That is why you can’t just decide to wear it at any party or any event that doesn’t need you to come that formally-clothed. Oftentimes, the tuxedo is highly advised in the following circumstances: invites stating black tie or formal; opening of symphony, ballet or opera; formal dance; formal reception or party; formal restaurant dining.

Most people think that going out in their formals mean being stiff. Actually, there’s really no need to fuss over a tux like some people would. Truth is, you can be pretty comfortable in one if it was made to fit you. And of course, you’ll definitely feel better when you look around and find out that everyone else is as elegantly-dressed as you are.

Formal trousers need to be work along with the tuxedo. The right pair should have the black stripe. There is no excuse for wearing cuffed pants and for wearing a pair with belt loops. Either you have them altered by your tailor or forget about going to the event.

Formal shoes complete the look. But if you only have the regular dress pair, don’t fret. As long as it is simple, basic, newly polished, clean, and BLACK, it should be fine.

If you’re a bit unsure what to wear, it’s best to consult one or two fashion gurus. After all, you don’t want to look like a gatecrasher or a fashion victim, right?

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