Looking to invest in a perfect pair (or two!) of cute and trendy summer wedges? Here’s a helpful guide to aid you on your shoe shopping journey. Check out these top five trends for women’s wedges, and find the look that’s right for you!

    • Metallics 
      It’s no secret that metallic tones are in for this season. Gold, copper and pewter shades are popping up all over in the fashion footwear industry, and women’s wedges are no exception. These versatile metallic colors capture the light in an amazing way to give a shine and sheen to your shoes, making them absolutely perfect for summer style! And not to mention, they will pair well with everything in your closet, from a cute and sassy sundress to a casual pair of jeans.
    • Platforms 
      Looking to push the limits and elevate your style even more? Consider another great summer trend, and strap on a pair of platform wedges. If you’re all about adding as much height as possible to your look, platform wedges may be the way to go! Wedges like these are great for summer parties like family barbeques or graduation celebrations, because they can give a dramatic boost to your height without leaving you in pain all throughout the evening. One of the most popular styles, Bushnell, are surprisingly comfortable wedges, with stretchy slingback straps to ensure a proper fit, and a sloped footbed to cradle your feet in comfort.
    • Thongs 
      If you’re planning on spending your summers with friends at the pool or at an outdoor barbeque, then you’ll probably be looking for a nice, casual pair of sandals to wear. And if thong sandals are your summer go-to, why not consider their wedged variant? Sandal wedges are a great way to dress up a summer look, adding height and fashion to an already classic seasonal style. Slip-on platform wedges can give a nice bit of height, while buckle-up sandal wedges like the Excursion pair perfectly with casual outdoor attire, like a pair of cut-off shorts and a lightweight t-shirt.
    • Sporty Style 
      With athleisure becoming a big trend in recent years, sporty chic styles have been making a huge comeback in the footwear industry. The great thing about sporty shoes is their comfort features. They’re truly made for walking! And if the sporty style is your thing, consider summer wedges that have these same comfort features. Look for styles with a lower wedge, easy adjustable straps, and rubber soles that provide traction.
  • Metal Details
    Do you like wearing shoes with a little bit of personality? If so, make sure you don’t neglect the little details that make up your next pair of summer wedges. This season, metal elements and ornamentation such as grommets, buckles, and studs are all the rage. Little details like these can add an edgy, on-trend look to your footwear.

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