What does being sexy mean to you? What is this quality called sexy? Does it have something to do with the physical feature of the person or the whole package? Is it in the mind of the beholder or just the opinion of another person? Can someone be sexy without being defined as being sexy by other people or is it necessary for an observer to consider the person to be sexy?

If supermodel Gisele Bundchen walks in the middle of the street wearing only a bikini, what do you think would be the reaction of most men? I’m sure there would eye-popping, saliva-flowing and tongue wagging reactions from most of them, or make that all of them. However, this would not only happen when she’s wearing a bikini since even if she’s only wearing a pair of jeans and T-shirt, she’s going to elicit the same kind of reactions. Ever wondered why some women have this effect on the male population while others don’t?

Sexiness for some women seems to be inherent. One flip of their hair, one sway of their hips, one naughty look over the shoulder and the Romeos whistle and blow their horns of adulation. Is it genetic or is there some kind of gene or hormone that needs to be elevated in the female bodies to make them appear sexy? Is it some kind of nurture versus nature thing? Tell you what; one can actually learn to be “Gisele Bundchen” even if she’s not born with the same abundance of attractiveness.

I asked some male friends around to tell me what they find sexy in a woman just to help me find out whether one needs to have a “sexy” gene to be perceived as sexy. One friend said it’s all about the attitude. Confident, independent and charming women are sexy so as women who know what they want and how to get them but can be feminine and at the same time. Healthy hair (preferably medium shoulder length to long) and body (they don’t have to be model-like skinny) also count according to another friend. Dressing well adds to the allure of women meaning dressing appropriately for the occasion with barely any make-up.

Most women have even perfected the art of putting make-up to appear tantalizing to the eyes of the opposite sex but they fall short of dressing the part. More often than not, they tend to get overboard making them appear awkward, and phony. They usually become, what I may call, fashion victims. Not surprisingly, I and most men agree that this isn’t and will never be sexy at all. I’ve seen women in every manner of dress that in my opinion were very sexy regardless of their outfit. I’ve even seen nude women who were not sexy in the least than the women dressed in sweats who were remarkably sexy.

Needless to say, I don’t think being sexy has much to do with appearance alone nor beauty because while beauty attracts, beauty in itself is not sexy. Many women tried to be sexy but failed because this isn’t something that can be practiced or faked. In my opinion, being sexy is more than just the appearance or the body of a person. Being sexy means being genuinely confident and positive, intelligent and proud of being who you are, and being able to take control of your life. Learn more about Mastering the Law of Attraction by visiting¬†http://www.thesecretoflifebydesign.com

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