“Are you out of your mind you are going to eat what they call as edible flowers?” you thought as you stared in complete amazement on the meal right in front of you. In the first place, is there such? Just then you heard your companion tell you bluntly, “Hey, do not be such an ignorant. Stop ranting at the food; instead try it before you say those things. For your information, it is actually the new rage in haute cuisine. This restaurant is adventurous when it comes to the matter of the stomach. You then stop in belief and agreed that you have become badly informed of the latest. So instead, you munched on a spoonful of  the edible flowers and found yourself smiling in satisfaction.

Akin to what Douglas McArthur uttered when he stepped into the shores of Leyte in the Philippines, edible flowers are back in vogue after years of being away in the scene of culinary arts. History would trace it back from the Roman period to the Chinese spreading to the Middle Eastern and down to the cultures of India. It was especially famous in the Victorian era. Presently, there is a lot of chefs that have put novelty in their cooking styles. You can hear their finished products holler that “if technology knows all too well about innovation, then we are not far from the line.” There are plenty that garnish their entrees with plant blossoms to give that touch of elegance.

The secret behind applying edible flowers is really just to keep the recipe as simple as possible. It will be the presentation that is intricate. As they say, when it is visually tempting, so it is even satisfying when you land it in the mouth. Do not add too many other flavors as they will overpower the delicate taste the edible flowers have. You may ask what the examples are if you are planning to experiment at home. You actually need not go any further from the kitchen where artichokes, broccoli and cauliflower are commonly available. There is also the spice saffron, which is the stamen that comes from the crocus flower. Native of the Mediterranean and Asia, capers are also one breed that are unopened buds to a bush.

Don’t be too excited at this instant; there is one very important thing to know – not all flowers are considered edible. As a matter of fact, when you sample them, some could make you sick. If they thrive at your backyard, do not ever apply pesticides or any chemical to avoid contamination. Carefully identify if those blossoms can be eaten or not.

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