When you think of coffee, you probably immediately imagine a Starbucks cup, piping hot and topped with whip cream. Yes sir, this has become the norm these days. Virtually everyone across the globe knows all about major coffee chains. Since this is the case, these coffee houses make a hefty profit. However, do they offer consumers the most expensive coffee beans known to man? Of course not! More than likely, major coffee chains will make use of whatever is cheap. Sadly many consumers can tell they’re doing this. But yet they still continue to purchase the coffee.

How much would you pay for the finest, expensive coffee beans? Actually, maybe you should first know where this coffee comes from. It all starts with an animal called the luwak. This badger-looking creature consumes the coffee cherries from their natural habitat. Once eaten, the coffee beans cling together before passing out of the luwak’s digestive track. Okay, I realize what you may be thinking. The world’s most expensive coffee beans come from animal feces. Well, it does appear that way. One the stool is collected, professionals break the coffee beans apart and proceed to dry them out. After a few more steps including drying, pounding and windowing, these pricey coffee beans are ready to go. Just so we’re clear, a mere half a pound of these much sought after coffee beans will cost you 50 bucks. Yeah, you had to know that whopping price tag was coming. That’s about ten times as much as most folks fork out for their coffee beans.

If you’re interested in giving the world’s most expensive coffee a shot, then simply direct your attention to a little website known as animalcoffee.com. Yep, the name is rather appropriate. Just don’t be fooled by the way these high-end coffee beans are processed. In reality this company strives to meet excellent standards and they do not settle for just any beans. One thing you will notice if you give this java a shot is that there is much finer brew out there than the stuff you find in a local Starbucks.

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