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Our brain acts as the central processing unit of the human body. It is not just thinking but also letting us take care of all the functions in it. For example, it takes care of overseeing heartbeat, breathing, and body movements.

There are many things responsible for maintaining its health. However, food plays an essential role in ensuring optimum performance of our cognitive abilities. Consider your mind as an expensive car that runs on fuel. Now, the quality of the fuel that you use will depend on its performance, longevity, and healthy functioning.

However, like that vehicle you own, if you start putting in low-quality fuel, it will begin to damaging its engine. Similarly, if you start eating things that are not good for your brain, it would not do any good for it.

What Should We Eat to Improve Our Learning, Memory and Thinking Abilities?

Here are some things we must consider eating that enable us to improve our overall brain functions.

Nuts and Seeds

Vitamin E is an essential ingredient for improving our overall thinking ability. They help fight illnesses that can impact our memory with age. Thus, as we get old, we can fight these diseases. Typical nuts and seeds that we should include in our daily staple peanut butter, sunflower seeds, filberts, cashews, almonds, sesame seeds, and non-hydrogenated butter. You can take them in raw or roasted form. However, unless necessary, avoid the ones with salt as they can increase your blood pressure.

Wild Salmon

Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals recommend eating deep-water fish. Salmon is one such fish that you need to include in your diet. It contains the essential omega-3 fatty acids for healthy mental functions. Wild salmon is recommended because of its cleanliness and supply available in abundance. The omega-3 fatty acids also have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, these ingredients significantly contribute to improving and maintaining optimum mental health.


Avocados are a gift of nature to anyone who wants to improve their¬†brain functioning. It is an ingredient-rich fatty fruit containing unsaturated fats. Thus, these unsaturated fats play a vital role in regulating blood flow throughout the body. Therefore, the increase in blood flow to the mind also contributes to better mental alertness. Avocados also much help in overcoming dangerous illnesses like hypertension. The lowering of blood pressure also helps promote mind’s wellbeing.


The oxidative stress is one thing that we should avoid. However, very few types of foods contain properties which can protect us against it. Blueberries help us overcome such illnesses relating to age, such as dementia and Alzheimer. Doctors recommend eating blueberries because they help improve motor skills, and our ability to learn.

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