We will speak of architecture as if it is made out of color spots or even plastic compositions that go well with each other being perfectly combined with all the other factors in a perfect architectural environment.


When we think about a space as a whole, we must take into consideration everything. When we say everything we mean both the materials that were made to build the construction and those that were used to finish it and add decorative elements, and especially the part that involved the architectural details we are dealing with and on which we can rely. Architectural details can be already present or we can make them by breaking some parts of the construction or by creating new shapes and some environmental dimensions.


This time we will direct out attention to the doors – as an element that can close both physically and optically a space, but that can still be an element of decorative imagination along with all the other elements that build up the ambient of that certain room. This gives the door both the physic function of closing and the function of belonging to a whole, a chromatic assembly or a assembly gave by the design that will be recalled in furniture, windows, fabrics.


If the dominant color in the room is green, color that can also be found on its walls we will also paint the door in green, not wanting to create an unwelcome contrast with the walls. This way we will hide the door within the walls, letting it blend with them.


But if we want the door to be a unique distinctive element, we will find either in its design or in its color elements that are already in the room.

And finally, the door can be itself an element of unique imagination within the room. And then we think how we will do this so the door would appear as if it is a plastic composition. We will use construction materials different from the usual ones. For example we can build a door out of brick of transparent plastic that can be painted or we can build a door out of iron with ceramic elements on it or painted glass, or we can simply make it out of fibers, it is all up to our imagination and our way of being open-minded to new ideas.

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