Busy workplaces are the norm today. That means that often employees are expected to juggle a multitude of tasks and demands while performing at an optimal level. However, the reality is that with many work tasks, rushing to complete them leads to mistakes that can sometimes be critical and may eventually cost you your job. By strategically planning to slow down and devote sufficient time to important tasks will help you avoid such mistakes.

Eliminate Multitasking

One of the most common requirements of employees today is the ability to multi-task. However, multitasking often means that you will be interrupted regularly and pulled off task, leaving insufficient time to finish important parts of your work. Employees in roles that require multi-tasking adapt by rushing through tasks that deserve more time and focus. The most common result is errors that could have been avoided. By eliminating multi-tasking and giving all your attention to one task, you work smarter and better.

Create Serenity

Before you begin your work, take a moment to create a serene environment in which to work. If your workplace is noisy or filled with distractions, putting on a set of headphones is a great first step. The noise cancelling alone will make a huge impact on your ability to focus. If you choose to listen to music, be sure to choose something that is calming. Upbeat tunes may spur you to work more quickly.

Clear your mind before you begin. Often hyper-focusing on other things can cause employees to work quickly and less efficiently. Spend time thinking about the task at hand and focusing on the process, so that your head is truly in the game. By doing so, you will not just be speeding through a task to check it off your list.

Get Organized

Organization will also help you get on track for success. Start by prioritizing the work you need to do. Schedule your day so that you know how much time you have to devote to each task. Assemble the tools you need to do your job. Outline how you will tackle the task at hand. Working from this outline you can slow down and pay more attention to detail.


Make a rule to never finish a task without reviewing it. No matter what you are working on, take a break before submitting it. Work on something else for a while or take a walk to clear your mind. When you come back fresh to review your work, start from the top and go over it completely.

Create a checklist of important points that need to be covered in any task you are doing, including the most common areas of mistakes. This is incredibly important. In most workplaces, the same mistakes are often repeated. Use your checklist to revise your work before completion, taking the time to double check those areas that are most prone to mistakes.

Pay Attention to Yourself

Be sure to invest time and energy into taking care of yourself, so you can put your best foot forward at work. By getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating healthy, you will be more clear headed and ready to tackle the tasks awaiting you at the right speed, so you can avoid mistakes.

Your attention to these strategies will put you on the path to accuracy and efficiency through slow, yet steady work.

– Kerri Gois

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