Tony Fadil is a name that’s about to take the UK acting scene by storm, his latest project Burnt Toast hits the screens on EssexTV in the new year, we pulled him in for a chat.


Q1) How’s the journey in the acting world going so far?

  1. A)   Its all going really well for me at the moment, I’m involved in some awesome projects with plenty more coming up in 2017. I’m just really enjoying the journey, doing a job everyday which I love and am passionate about, you can’t beat that feeling.


Q2) What has the feedback been like since the release of the Burnt Toast trailer?

  1. A)   Feedback has been absolutely amazing. We have had over 10,000 views on social media in about a week, we have been noticed and got people talking saying they can’t wait till it airs. The whole team are buzzing at the moment and we are just hoping now that we’ve done enough with the 3 part pilot to get a full series off the back of it.


Q3) What can you tell us about your 2017 projects?

  1. A) Obviously we have Burnt Toast releasing in early 2017 and if the feedback is good then we’ll be pushing on to making a full series.

I’ve also worked on a film called The Pugilist where I play Harvey from Jack In The Box films Stars: Matthew Jure, Ian Beattie, Adi Alfa – written and directed by the wonderful Glen Kirby, that will be released next year, I’ve been told there are some very big projects coming from them that I will be a part of but it’s all very hush hush at the moment. There is also the film Name of the Game where I play Sergeant Rice by Best Wishes Films – Directed By: Richard Colton and finally the film Borstal where I play Paddy Gibbons By Greenway Films Directed By: Steve Smith


Q4) In your opinion what stops a lot of aspiring actors from making it?

  1. A)   To make it in this industry you need to have a good work ethic, be passionate, and really throw yourself into every role. If you believe in a project there are no small roles, everyone needs to play their part to make the whole thing work (lots of little cogs doing their job make the machine work well).

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