If you are interested in a unique and interesting vacation that will give you memories that will last forever, consider Pacific Holidays and the vacation packages that they offer. For example, if you are interested in going to Japan, you can choose from a number of packages that will give you great vacations and memories.

The “8 Days Independent Japan – Tokyo and Kyoto with Air, Train & Hotels” package consists of a trip that lasts for eight days and six nights. You will spend three nights in Tokyo and have the chance to see its shrines and temples, as well as the vibrant neighborhoods that it has to offer. You can then go to Kyoto, which has many ancient Buddhist temples, as well as beautiful gardens and imposing palaces. You can experience the fine Japanese cuisine that is available, go to other places, and then take a train back to Tokyo, where you can fly back to the United States.

The “Asian Capitals” package is an 11-night trip that will let you visit the major cities of Asia. You can see Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore before flying back to Tokyo to get your fill of the Imperial Palace Plaza and Tokyo Tower.

The “Japan Bullet Train” package is a 6 night trip that will allow you to start off in Tokyo and see all sorts of landmarks, including the Meiji Shrine. You also have the chance to go to Kyoto and see the Jingu shrine and Kiyomizu Temple. You will end up going back to the US from Osaka.

The “Golden Japan” package is a 10 night trip that starts off in Tokyo. You will then get to go to Kamakura, where you can see the Hasadera Temple. At Yokohama, you can go to the famous Bay Bridge and Sankeien Garden. You will also get the opportunity to go to Nikko and see the Toshogu Shrine and Kirifuri Waterfall. Then, go to Hakone to visit Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi. You will also get to go to the Japanese Alps and Osaka before returning to Kyoto and flying back to the United States.

The “Historic Japan” package includes an 8 night trip that will allow you to see all of the historically significant sites in the country of Japan. You will start off in Tokyo and see the Imperial Palace and Asakusa Kannon Temple. Then, you will go to Hakone, Nagoya, and Kanazawa. On the way, you will get to go to Shirakawago, which is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site. You will then get to see the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto and visit the Nijojo Castle and Golden Pavilion.

The “Japan Express” package involves a 6-night trip that will take you through the highlights of this country. In Tokyo, you will see the Tokyo Tower and go to a tea ceremony. You will also see Mount Fuji and Lake Ashi.

As you can see, there are many places that are worth visiting in the country of Japan. There are many ways to enjoy Japan as well. You can choose between any one of these packages and find an experience that is worthwhile for you.

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