Vietnam Tour Pedia, a top rated leading tour agency based in Hanoi, offering great holiday deals and tour packages a cross Indochina and south-east of Asia recently announces newly designed Cambodia tour packages with an affordable cost per person for all the holiday makers in this amazing holiday destination in south-East of Asia.

Cambodia tour packages are pretty much on demand for anyone looking for a great holiday destination in Asia, the country offer anything from A to Z for anyone with different traveling style who’s looking for a trip of lifetime in a destination with amazing landscape, welcoming locals and more than that a safe place to spend a long break vacation, said Hamid, the online marketing manager of Vietnam Tour Pedia

Cambodia is the first gateway from both Vietnam and Thailand and has been on top ten tourist destination back to 2012 which makes it a destination that can’t be missed when visiting Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, added Hamid

The newly designed Cambodia tour packages and holiday deals are more focusing on country’s lifestyle and tradition aiming to let traveler feel the destination and get to know more of what other usual holiday packages are offering on other online websites, also, the best way to get a glimpse into the off the beaten track will be through an itinerary that is well planned, no rushed and it is based on client interest in mind, said Ms. Tran Hoa, the online sale manager of Vietnam Tour Pedia

In the other hand, Vietnam Tour Pedia is aiming to offer other interesting and what client call it fun things to do in Cambodia and specially in Siem Reap to their packages, these amazing packages includes a fun day excursion through the lush forests of the Siem Reap with the flight of the Gibbon activity which is an interesting and it’s among the highly demanded fun things to do when in Siem Reap, added Tran Hoa

Since Cambodia booming its tourism year after year then there are a lot of newly branded hotels and luxury boutique accommodations to stay all around the country, in this case, Vietnam Tour Pedia has also designed some high end all inclusive holiday deals including 3 night stay in Siem Reap, visiting Phnom Penh and a few more days to stay at the beach front luxury resort at one of the beautiful islands in Southern Cambodia. These luxury holiday deals are a great way to experience Cambodia in different way such as Helicopter flight over Angkor Wat temples to get traveler a way to explore the majestic temples.

In addition, the company is also introducing its many Vietnam tour packages to traveler who wish to extend their stay in Indochina. There have been a great numbers of new experiences as well as things to expect in both destination, In Vietnam traveler can pretty much enjoy from a day or two in Hanoi to Hoi An, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City, the best and must not to be missed will be an overnight stay to one of our great deals on Halong Bay Cruise, said Mr. Phan Huy Thong, CEO of Vietnam Tour Pedia.

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