A lot of people love to travel around the world during warm summers. It is one of the finest times, when you can explore through different corners of the planet. Of course, the destination you choose will depend on what kind of a person you are! With this being said, here are top 7 potential summer vacation spots.

Destination #1 – San Francisco

San Francisco is an appealing travel destination, all year round. However, nothing can be as shiny as San Francisco during summer. The excellent weather and striking beach experience will give you a reason to visit the city over and over again.

Destination #2 – Maui

Maui is a lesser visited and composed summer destination. The place is famous for its multi colored beaches and super-cool resorts. Most adventure lovers admire Maui for its long drives and trek through the Haleakala National Park.

Destination #3 – Mykonos

If you want a Mediterranean vacation during summer, you should opt for Mykonos. The place has being attracting travelers for years, and for good reason. It is a famous party beach that stays alive at all times of the day.

Destination #4 – Paris

The “City of Love” is best visited during summer! There are several cons in visiting Paris during summer, however, these pass away with the stunning looks and great landscape of this French city.

Destination #5 – Fuji

There is no bad time to visit Fuji! Thanks to its constant sunshine, the best time to visit Fuji would be during warm summers. However, remember that the resorts and water bungalows can become very expensive at this time of the year.

Destination #6 – Barcelona

A lot of ambitious travelers venture into Barcelona during summer. As the summer humidity surfaces and the autumn wind starts to blow, Barcelona becomes a safe haven for fun and extensive sightseeing.

Destination #7 – Amsterdam

The list of best summer holiday destinations closes with Amsterdam! Just like many other European cities, Amsterdam enjoys a pleasant summer. During this season, you should visit the city’s iconic buildings and canals.

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